Promo gifts

After Steenberg Vineyards was purchased by Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. the last one has been looking for ways to have the two companies work together more often. In the couple of years they have started two projects that have been very successful so far, so it’s likely that there will be more to come in the future. The first project was about promo gifts for the Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. to give away to the casinos they worked with. Of course these came in the form of customised wine bottles. The second project was about a new line of slot machines, based on the vineyards.

Customised product

As a slot machine provider, Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. has to deal with casinos all the time. These are its customers. And to build good relationships, it needs to give out presents every now and then. Since nowadays not much is allowed when it comes to gifts due to bribery legislations, the monetary value needs to be under €20. This makes a wine bottle a perfect promo gift for Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V., especially if it has its logo on it. Some casinos even get an even more customised bottle with their logo on it as well.

Time to wine

Time to wine is the name of a new series of slot machines that Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. has created in collaboration with our vineyard. It consists of three slots that are inspired by our activities. This is great for the online casino slot provider but also for us. Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. taps into a new market; people who love wine but have never played in an online casino before. And we get more exposure with new target audiences as well. It’s a win-win situation for the both of us.

Get the grapes

This slot machine revolves all around the grape picking process. The symbols represent different kinds of grapes and in the bonus round you need to be able to choose the ripe grapes from a bunch of them. There are 25 paylines for which you can bet 25 cents to €125 per round. This can win you a maximum of 5.000 times your original stake. However, that only happens if you manage to reach the free spins round that offers you great multipliers. If you want to, you can also try out the game in demo mode before you start playing for real.

Barrel Boy casino slot

In this slot you will accompany Billy the Barrel boy. As you can guess, he’s responsible for the barrels. When you look at the symbols, you see that they all have their own colour. Billy somehow seems to lose them often anyway. In the bonus round you need to help him find them in a big field, which can be very rewarding as the main prize is also 5.000 times the wagered amount. An additional bonus is that this game is eligible for free spins, so you can enjoy extra time on it.

Wendy’s Winery slot

The final slot machine in this series is about Wendy that has her own winery. The symbols represent the different products she has in store. During the bonus round you can get a tasting of the best ones. However, in the free spins round you need to stop some local bandits from trashing the store. Will you be able to and get a huge reward from Wendy? The main prize is 4.500 your stake that goes from 10 cents to €200 per spin. You get 10 paylines to try your luck on.

Future collaborations

We are so happy with these casino collaborations, that we are already thinking about the next project with Gratis Gokkasten Gaming B.V. We are sure that it will also be related to online casinos and that it will be as successful as the last two were. So stay tuned.